Smart Virtual Teacher for ICT, Math and Science

every student is unique, so should the way they learn

The Mission We Thrive For

CodeMarshal is an education-focused technology company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our mission is to build a Smart Virtual Teacher accessible to everyone.
We believe the following key features should make a smart virtual teacher standout.

Interactive Lessons

Don't deliver boring static lectures. Make lessons interactive and let the students explore to learn from it.


Creative Exercises

Deliver smart creative exercises tailormade for each student. Let the students practice and grasp what they learn.


Verify Understanding

Generate smart unseen model test questions where memorising without understanding does not help.


Personal Assistance

Help students at a personal level when they are stuck. Assist them by hints and explanations to make progress.


Identify Weakness

Analyze the performance of students, identify individual areas of weakness and mentor them to improve.


Keep Motivated

Create a healthy competitive environment and introduce gamification of learning to keep the students motivated.

Products We are Building

CodeMarshal is building products and technologies to make the dream of the smart virtual teacher a reality.
Currently we are building products for elementary Math, Science & ICT education.


Eshikkha is the next generation platform for learning elementary programming in bangla. It helps students to learn and practice programming, automatically judge their performance and get personalized assistance.

  • Interactive Programming Technology

    eShikkha provides an interactive programming environment for the students. It's world class browser based programming system helps students to practice online and check for errors instantly.

  • Automated Judging & Assistance Technology

    Automatic judging technology allows students to validate their code submissions instantly. It also assists them for correcting their mistakes and guides them in their learning path.


Ronangon is a puzzle solving game and contest platform based on the liberation war of Bangladesh. It helps students learn the basics of programming, math, science and analytical ability.

  • Block Based Learning Technology

    Ronangon was inspired by the MIT scratch project and adopted the technology in a puzzle game environement. It helps students to learn the basic concepts without learning a real programming language.

  • Game Based Skill Development

    Game levels are designed in a way that encourages critical thinking and introduces concepts of programming, math, science & analytical ability. Students develop valuable skills while having fun solving puzzles.

Trusted by Government and International Organizations

Several government organizations in Bangladesh and international organizations prefer edu-tech solutions provided by CodeMarshal
  • ICT Division
  • Bangladesh Computer Council
  • ACM ICPC Foundation

Meet Our Leadership Team

We are a dedicated team that is building technologies and systems to make the smart virtual teacher a reality.

Mahmudur Rahman

Co-Founder, CEO

Mahafuzur Rahman

Co-Founder, CTO

Ashik Zinnat Khan

Co-Founder, SVP Engineering

Shahadat Khan, PhD

Adviser, Mentor

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