Game-changing face recognition technology

At CodeMarshal, we believe in a world where identifying a person is hassle-free and natural. Our game-changing facial recognition technology provides a seamless, efficient and multi-faceted way to solve different identity verification and recognition problems. This will create drastic performance and reliability improvement in fields like KYC and profile management, access control and security by replacing traditional paper ID cards or cumbersome and hard-to-scale fingerprint solutions.


AI-based Digital Identify Verification

Compare and Search Faces in Images/Videos

State of the art Accuracy on Local Ethnicity

Top Accuracy Scores on Global Benchmarks

Breakthrough Fraud Detection Capabilities

Supports Side Face and Partially Visible Face


Face Verification and Recognition Technology

CodeMarshal research has built an AI-based in house proprietary face verification and recognition technology that is currently on par with the global state of the art of 99.6% accuracy and with a millisecond range response time. Using breakthrough loss functions and deep learning technology the system has been tuned with the faces of our local ethnicity to produce unmatched results where global solutions still struggle. In a client audit against bangladeshi NID dataset, our technology produced more than 99% accuracy with 0 false positives where global open solutions were found to be heavily lagging. Individual components of our system also produced top scores against globally recognized benchmark datasets like LFW, WIDERFACE, MEGAFACE, IMFDB, CFP-FP, DeepGlint etc.

As the system must be resilient against wide range of security issues and identity fraud, our research is also focused on the following technologies:

ID Proof Reading using OCR and Face Verification

Liveness Detection & 3D Depth Perception from Camera Feeds

AI Generated Fake Image & Video Detection aka DeepFakes

2D & 3D Anti Spoofing against Face Editing and Masking



Marshal KYC utilizes CodeMarshal’s proprietary technology to deliver instant customer onboarding

  • Automatic identity verification
  • Pre-filled account form with Bangla OCR
  • Remote KYC and verification
  • Account opening from home


CodeMarshal’s state of the art facial recognition technology is a part of CM vision engine -which is specially crafted to serve the need of identification and forensic applications for South Asia. Using the high accuracy in low light and side face, FaceMarshal is currently being used in CodeMarshal’s forensic and surveillance as well as attendance system. Apart from own applications, FaceMarshal API is also available for third party applications.


Everything your remotest employees do, they do it right in front of you!

  • Face recognition based attendance management
  • Precision tracking and geofencing
  • Field activity management
  • Online and offline mode

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